A cross section from an eclectic range of approximately 300 original works in fine unspoiled condition or fresh ex- studio. Sizes in inches, excluding frame, height first. Oils unless stated otherwise.

ADAMS Charles J.Changing Pastures.15x21 w/c
ADAMS Charles J. Mawddach Valley.10x14 w/c
BAKER Darren.Blonde by Table.22x16"
BAKER DarrenLoaf, Orange & Glass6x9 w/c
BAKER DarrenSiren in Red - SOLD22x16
BALE Charles TFruit on Mossy Bank14x18
BALMFORD HurstRiver in Spate24x30
BATES DavidCapel Curig10x14 w/c
BATES DavidSheep/Cows14x10 (pr) w/c
BATES DavidWelsh Farmstead - SOLD24x36
BENNETT PaulShoreline Abstract -SOLD20x20 acr.
BENNETT PaulShoreline Abstract39x39
BERRY JohnAt the Blacksmiths28x36
BERRY JohnGolden Retriever & Pups24x30
BERRY JohnLady of Shalott (afterJWW) - SOLD30x40
BERRY JohnMichael Owen on the Ball24x20
BERRY JohnSiberian Tiger20x30
BIRCH S.J.LamornaRiver/Bridges - SOLD20x24
BOUVARD AntoineVenice Scenes - SOLD19x26 Pair
BOWEN OwenRoses & Delphiniums24x30
BRETLAND ThomasRacehorse & Jockey24x30
BRINKWORTH KateDice and Cards26x39
CAWTHORNE NeilInto the Wood18x24
CHEADLE HenryRiver, Sheep & Church9x14
CHRISTIANSEN NilsMoonlight Skating16x24
CLARE GeorgeFruit with Basket18x24
CLARE OliverFruit on Bank - SOLD13x11 Pair
COLLINS ThomasRoses on Mossy Bank14x20
COOPER Thomas SCows, Canterbury - SOLD18x24
COOPER T.Sidney.Bull with Cows.50x40
COOPER T SidneySheep/Cows on Cliffs24x20
COOP HubertFishing Village14x20 w/c
COOP HubertSilver Estuary18x29 w/c
DERRY PamelaBend in River16x20
DONALDSON JohnHills near Siena14x18
DONALDSON JohnMay in Provence24x30
DONALDSON JohnMenton, S.France12x10
EGG Augustus LThree Person Genre24x20
ELFORD VictorLoch Linnhe/Ben Nevis24x36
ELLIS Paul HRiver : Swans & Punters16x26
ENNESS AugustusSunset over Loch16x20
FOX Henry CHorses at Elstead14x21 w/c
FRANCIS DianaYacht Race off The Needles - SOLD24x36
FRANCIS DianaYachts, Blackfriars Bridge - SOLD24x36
GAINSBOROUGH Thomas.Military Gent.36x28
GODWARD John WRoman Beauty on Terrace - SOLD30 diam
GRANT KennethCutty Sark under Sail24x36
GREEN Alfred HLads Gardening30x24
GREEN Alfred HPandy Mill, N.Wales20x30
GRISOT Pierre Young Women at Races18x22
HAMMOND Robert J Building the Rick16x24
HARPER VictorHind at Cannock Chase24x24
HARVEY John R Horses Watering8x12
HASKINS John Village Cricket15x23
HEMMING NigelOtter chasing Trout16x24
HERRING BenjaminThree Stallions26x40
HERRING John F. JunrHorses & Pigs - SOLD16x24
HERRING John F Junr.Horses in Busy Farmyard.15x24
HILDER RichardExtensive Landscape12x16
HODRIEN Roy.Chateau Lafite, Glass & Oranges' - SOLD20x16
HODRIEN Roy.Pears, Hazelnuts & Gin Bottle.20x16
HORNEL Edward A Girls on Cliffs - SOLD20x24
HORTON PaulLovers Dream Flying10x18 pst
HORTON PaulPierrot the Clown36x24
HUGHES EleanorAlpine Villages (3)8x10 w/c
HUNT EdgarPony, Donkeys & Poultry - SOLD20x30 pair
JONES DeborahTeddy, Dolls & Toys20x30
KILBURNE G.Goodwin.Music Lesson.10x14 w/c
KING GordonBeauty Reflecting24x22 w/c
KING GordonGirls in Orchard - SOLD14x10 w/c
KING GordonVenice Affair14x10 w/c
KING HJ YeendWomen fetching water30x40
KINNAIRD Henry JNear Barcombe19x13 w/c
KITCHEN-HURLE MichaelElephants in Tree Shade18x36
KITCHEN-HURLE MichaelLeopard in Tree, Sundown19x30
KITCHEN-HURLE MichaelZebra, Kalahari16x30
KNIGHT HaroldPortrait Fine Lady - SOLD24x20
KNOWLES George SElegant Ladies in Garden - SOLD14x20 w/c
KOZHUKH VladimirFlower Maid on Hill24x24
LINES JohnContainer Ship, Felixtowe20x30
LINES JohnDen in Urban Backlot24x24
LINES JohnIndustry, Yorkshire Dales28x36
MACARA AndrewBeach Games, Teignmouth25x30
MACARA AndrewNight Skating in the City14x16
MACARA AndrewOn the Beach, Soulac - SOLD20x24
MANDER William HRiver, North Wales16x24
MARTIN JohnEvening Light, Venice18x12
MARTIN JohnSailing Fleet Beached13x16
MARTIN JohnSunny Garden, September24x16
MEAD DavidDitchling on The Downs 20x24
NOEL John BSheep on Yorkshire Moor20x24
PARKER Henry H.Haymaking Time.26x40
PARKER Henry HHorses and Haymakers - SOLD24x42
PARK StephenElephant at Water Hole24x40
PARSONS Arthur WFishwife at Quay20x30 w/c
PETHER HenryVenice by Moonlight24x36
PITTAWAY JohnVintage Petticoat Models (p/fol)20x15 gche
PRESTON RexCountry Lane, Autumn20x30
SEAGO EdwardSuffolk Landscape - SOLD20x24
SHARP DorotheaFlowers by Window - SOLD20x16
SHARP DorotheaPhlox - a Study10x13
SMITH TonyMG Metro 6R4 - Isle of Man20x30
SOLDI AndreaFine Gent as Admiral50x40
STAINTON GeorgeShipping offshore18x24
STANNARD Henry J.SGirls Gleaning20x14 w/c
STANNARD HJS.Cottage & Children.14x20 w/c
STEEPLE JohnHarlech Sands14x24
SUPPER DavidAbstract with Mondrian35x35
TAYLOR IvanCornish Harbour8x10
TAYLOR IvanMoorland Farm, Staffs14x20
THORS JosephFarm Pond & Cottagers14x20
TRICKETT JohnHaycart in February18x30
TWINNING JohnArtists Cat Tabitha10x8 gche
WAINWRIGHT William JToper toasting Her Majesty30x22 w/c
WALLACE HarryDeer in Sherwood Forest16x26
WARMAN OliverGaronne River, W.France19x27
WILLIAMS AlbertA Spring Bunch - SOLD20x16
WILLIAMS AlbertBouquet of Roses16x20
WIMBUSH John LLady & Dog in Meadow12x9
WINGFIELD HarryJane & Peter Paddling11x7 gche
WINGFIELD HarryLearn with Mother - SOLD11x7 gche

Please email or phone for images and details of any item(s) of interest. If you are unable to visit the gallery to view in person, any chosen picture(s) can be delivered to your home address, with full money return if not satisfied.

Some of the higher value paintings are not held in the gallery but can be viewed by appointment or delivered as above - with our usual guarantee, ensuring authenticity, good example, fine condition and realistic value, still applying.


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