John Berry at Driffold Gallery

'At the Blacksmiths, Claverdon'
(British 1920-2009)


Oil 28" x 36"



From an ex-studio collection of
impressive oils of equestrian, canine
and big cat subjects - and romantic legendary figures, to be sold at prices
from £2250 to £8000.



Artist Ref: Born London 1920. Studied Hammersmith School of Art. Won scholarship to Royal Academy Schools and served as War Artist in the Desert Campaign. 4 Pictures in the Imperial War Museum. Commissioned portraits of The Queen, Prince Phillip, Diana etc. for regiments. Commissioned portrait of George Bush Snr. for the Admiral Nimitz Museum. Illustrator for Pan, Corgi, Readers Digest and especially Ladybird Books 1960s. Also see 'Dictionary of British Equestrian Artists' and Art Sales Index 1998/99.
Sotheby's 1999; oil 14x18" - £4230. oil 24x36" - £5290.
We are also archive stockists for John's superbly painted 1960s 'Ladybird' originals; featured in 'Happy Days' - Guardian Weekend magazine 28th Feb 2004 - London Exhibition (from this archive) priced at £1500. Our Prices mainly £600 and £800.

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